The Afghan Church

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The Afghan Church Navy Nagar Colaba
Mumbai Maharashtra
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The Afghan Church, one of the oldest church in Mumbai is located in the Navy Nagar in Colaba area of South Mumbai.The church was established in 1847 AD by British and consecrated 11 years later as a memorial to those who fell in the First Afghan War of 1838.The church is also known as St John The Baptist Memorial, the Evangelist.The building was constructed using locally available buff coloured basalt and a limestone stones. And inside it is known for its wide gothic arches and beautiful stained glass windows.

“Sick Bungalows” (now the INHS Asvini, the Indian naval hospital). There were no chairs, and patrons had to bring their own. Later, the government released a new patch of land for the setting up the church on the condition that the spire be seen from miles away and serve as a landmark for ships in the harbour.

The imposing edifice was constructed using locally available buff-coloured basalt and limestone. Inside it is known for its wide gothic arches and beautiful stained glass windows. The chapel has a nave and aisle with a chancel 50 ft (15 m) in length and 27 ft (7 m) in width. Butterfield’s tiles used for the geometric floor pattern were imported from England. The east and west windows were designed by William Wailes, a nineteenth century stained glass expert. The stained glass used is superior to that in the Rajabai Tower and Victoria Terminus. Eight large bells in the bell tower came from the Taylor bellfoundry of England in 1904, and are acknowledged to be the best in western India. The tower and spire are 198 ft (60 m) high.

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